Private Yoga Sessions

While many of us experience trauma, it does not always manifest in crippling ways. I did not come to yoga because of my PTSD, but I was incredibly grateful for the practice when my PTSD symptoms became undeniable. Sometimes we’re just looking to feel better, to heal an injury or a chronically pained back, to commit to our practice. Whatever your reason, yoga in private or semi-private settings can help.

Through our work together, we’ll develop a plan that nourishes you and works for your schedule and budget. Each session includes a consultation, a customized plan, meditation, physical practice, energy work, and follow-ups.

Yoga at your office / Corporate classes

Take a soulful lunch break or pause to process your day before heading home. With the many things we all do, it’s sometimes a wonder we have enough toothpaste or clean clothes in the mornings. When you don’t have the time or funds to invest in private yoga sessions or classes at a studio, yoga at the office may be the best fit. Sessions can last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes and are offered on a sliding-scale basis.

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