“Maddy’s teaching is like soft sunshine in the middle of winter. She knows intuitively where to go with the warmth of her cues and her hands. She’s really freaking smart! She knows the human body in a wild willy wonka way, but more importantly, she’ll get to know you in a very profound way if you let yourself open up to her kindness and yoga wizardry!”  – Sabrina

“Maddy is everything that I would hope for in a teacher. She is able to hold space and encourage you to work deeply into yourself while simultaneously using her light and her sparkle to help guide the way. Maddy is both intuitive and academic, balancing her knowledge of anatomy with a deep knowing that makes you feel safe and supported while you are with her. I can always count on Maddy to help nurture and hold the fragile parts of myself while giving me the encouragement and reminders that I am strong enough to stand on my own to feet.”  – Jacqui

”If teachers could be described as star signs or Tarot cards then I would call Maddy ‘The Libra Scales’ or ‘The Temperance Tarot’…..
Maddy has the kind of ideal blend of spirituality and science that enables us to believe she is certain about what she is teaching and confident about where it has come from.
As an academic who enjoys the latest literature on trauma, movement & meditation, Maddy is well read and has trained her thinking process to be evidence based as well as intuitive, resulting in her being a phenomenal Bodyworker and ‘space holder’ for her students and clients who need to unfold in good, safe hands.
Maddy knows when to step in and let you work things out for yourself, she upholds respect for who she is holding in such a way that they feel the ease of letting go of core tension very easily. This is a skill that not many trauma-therapists are well equipped with. Maddy is a able to add a level of empathy to her work that shifts her somatic work to whole other level.
Maddy is easy, easy to work with and easy to dialogue with. She is solution & person-focused which helps her students and clients move through their own darkness and into the fullest potential.”   – Jambo

“Maddy is a gentle spirit with fierce dedication to a deep and meaningful practice.  I never went to a yoga class I enjoyed before taking Yin Yoga with Maddy.  When she left, I got my own blocks and bolsters so that I could bring my practice home.  I am forever grateful for her patience, guidance, and insight.  Whoever you are and whatever is calling you to yoga… I recommend practicing with Maddy.”   – Patrice

“Maddy has a beautiful way of  moving her students through a yoga practice. She guides her students through asana eloquently, creates a safe space, and gives a platform for her students to go within. Her classes are nourishing and fulfilling and true to the Yogic Philosophy. She has been one of those teachers that not only opened the door, but held my hand as I walked through it to guide me to truly fall in love with the beautiful practice of Yoga.”- Kiki