Join me for moving meditations aka yoga all week. All classes are accessible to all, truly. If you have movement limitations, worries about practicing with a group, or taking your first class, just come to class 15 minutes before we begin so we may chat before hand; you may also email me.

Tuesdays @ 6:30 – 7:45 pm (by donation)
Yoga + Meditation
This class is offered from the love of community that thrives at Breakfast , a local coffee shop in town. All proceeds from class go to New Beginnings , a counseling center in town that provides affordable therapy to the community.
Breakfast Culture Club (711 Chapala Street, SB)


Saturdays @ 12:00 – 1:15 pm
Warm Flow. (Forrest Yoga Inspired)
In this class, we begin with steady postures and Forrest Yoga abdominals, we then continue onward to a combination of longer-held poses and a breath-paced flow. The room is warmed to 80-85 degrees. 
Evolation Yoga (108 Pierpoint Ave, Summerland…right off the 101)

Sundays @ 10:30 – 11:55 pm
Yoga 1-2. (Forrest Yoga Inspired)
In this class, we begin with steady postures and Forrest Yoga abdominals, we then continue onward to a combination of Forrest and Vinyasa Yoga postures. When time allows, we culminate our practice with a short meditation.
Santa Barbara Yoga Center (32 E Micheltorena Street, Santa Barbara)

Recent Workshops (to inquire into bringing these to your studio, retreat space, training, or office, complete the contact form

Body Stories @ With Love DC House, Washington DC

In this class, we’ll gather together and explore movement from every little nook and cranny we can access. Have you ever wondered what your knees would say to you if you asked? Or how about your feet or your hands? In this class, we’ll take a playful and curious approach to movement. After moving from the various components of our bodies, we’ll put it all together to create a new story, one that is more aligned with your body’s wisdom, and one that you can further nurture after class. 

Body Intelligence: a dynamic approach @ Kali Yoga, Washington DC

To fully inhabit your body is perhaps the most precious gift you can cultivate. But it is not always easy to learn in yoga or movement classes. To fully inhabit your body requires practice and play, it requires that you show up for whatever is willing to meet you. 

In this workshop, we’ll pair movement explorations with writing prompts to access what our body wishes to express. We’ll use breath, movement, sensory awareness, and somatic techniques to explore our relationship with embodiment and deepen a conversation with our body-mind. 

We’ll cultivate a conscious state of embodiment that is capable of holding space for our emotions to cycle through. You’ll gain insight into your movement patterns, your presence, your voice, and how you inhabit your body within the world. You’ll walk away with a sense of how it feels to deeply live within your body, when you dissociate from your body, and how to return to a state of compassionate presence within your body.

This is not a yoga asana workshop, but yoga and all other movers are welcome. Bring a journal, comfortable clothes (we will be moving), and a yoga mat.

Body Intelligence: yoga + meditation @ With Love DC House, Washington DC

We’ll move through a breath-paced flow yoga class designed to amplify our body awareness both internally and externally. Expect to slow down, to delve deeper, to experience the expansion and contraction of your body in each breath. After the yoga class, we’ll use our elevated state of awareness as a lens for the following question: despite our yoga practice, why do we still feel disconnected, numb, or conflicted? We’ll use our perspectives to tenderly tease our wisdom to emanate and integrate within us.

Inner Resiliency: a perspective on stress and anxiety @ UCSB, Santa Barbara

In this workshop, you’ll gather practical tools to shift your relationship to stress and anxiety. You’ll learn about the science behind mindfulness, the effects of stress on your body, and how to regulate your nervous system so that you may inhabit a more expansive and settled state of being.

Exploring Embodiment: Yoga and meditation class @ UCSB, Santa Barbara

This class will help you explore your body’s inner intelligence. You’ll learn to breathe in a way that nourishes and creates space within your body. You’ll move from within so that your time on the mat will serve as a source of inspiration and pave the path towards inhabiting home within yourself. Open to all levels of experience, including those who are brand new to yoga.