Reiki + Energy Work

Our bodies are part biological tissue (muscles, bones, fascia, etc.), part water, and part energy. During Yoga asana–the physical movement–we shift the energy in our body with breath. Sometimes we feel the energy of an emotion or body story bubble up to the surface during yoga asana and/or bodywork. Those modes of conversing with the energy living within our body are rather active–we seek out the energy, we follow along the path laid out for us as we track it with breath. Reiki is a different type of conversation. During Reiki, we listen and we don’t track, we simply allow and use the channels of energy to gently hear the most subtle whispers.

A typical session looks like this:

  • We talk about what you’ve been feeling in your body, whether you’ve been feeling it at all. We address your needs and how you’re receiving support to meet them. We invoke an intention for our session.
  • You lie down and get very comfortable.
  • I begin with my hands on your shoulders. You settle into a more relaxed state.
  • I listen with my whole presence. My hands drift toward the spots in your body that are speaking.
  • I stay there, for as long as my hands feel magnetized to that area.
  • I return to your shoulders, perhaps I hold your head and tune into the subtle craniosacral waves for a while, waiting as they slowly smooth out.
  • We have a cup of tea or water and you ask me questions, I answer honestly.
  • We return to this work as often as you feel is necessary.

Reiki, as traditionally taught, involves a set of hand placements at specific points on the body. The lineage I studied is Jin Kei Do, which focuses on Qi Gong as well as the hand placements. Just as every yoga and meditation class I’ve taken has influenced my teaching, every experience I’ve had with energy work–whether in my own body, through Forrest Yoga ceremonies and techniques, or with the people I’ve been fortunate to work with–has influenced how I see and work with energy. There is no rigid road map, there is no one system of understanding, there is no one way your body will speak energetically. If the lack of certainty and order troubles you, perhaps investigate the roots of that. Likewise, if you love this somewhat elusive show-up & see what happens mode of working but cringe at the prospect of order and methodology, explore that too. I would be honored to explore this with you. Schedule a session in Santa Barbara by emailing me. 

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