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There is no set roadmap to healing or living your life, there is only your own body’s map. In any one-on-one session, I may pull from the well of my training, experience, and intuition to match what your body-mind needs. Each offering is an access point into your internal landscape. Naturally, the sessions are mutual explorations with your needs guiding the way.

Private Sessions for Embodied Healing (yoga, somatics, mindfulness)

When our psyche or bodies suffer we sometimes turn away from the experience and toward coping strategies that help us avoid feeling so deeply. Because our bodies house us, they communicate all of our pain, anxiety, trauma, joy, ecstasy, etc. Often, when the unpleasant stuff becomes deeply embedded or shows up as a result of trauma, single or recurring, we disassociate–it’s the best biological response we’ve got. But we also have the insight to know that disassociation is only a band-aid; we need to delve into the depths of the emotions, fears, and stories that exist in our bodies in order to heal. Embodied Healing sessions are designed to help you rediscover your body, regardless of why you lost touch.
These sessions are intended for individuals who’ve experienced trauma, developed PTSD, or have such crippling anxiety that an embodied existence is not available. Through mindful breath work, specific body awareness movements, and mind-body re-integration we’ll delve under the surface of what’s going on to address the core issues responsible for your experience so you may reclaim your natural right to an embodied existence.

These sessions are beneficial for

  • individuals curious to develop a relationship with their body
  • individuals seeking to manage chronic pain, generalized or acute anxiety, and those oddball psychosomatic conditions
  • individuals with a trauma history or currently coping with recent traumatic events that have led to disassociation from the body, panic, and overwhelm**
    **For individuals who are currently facing trauma toward the more extreme end of the spectrum, this work does not replace the care received from a psychotherapist. It is not intended to do that. Rather, this work helps you to establish a sense of space within your body, so that every advance in your psychotherapy emerges from your embodied foundation. I am happy to recommend a local therapist for you, just ask.

We can work together in 45, 60, 75, or 90-minute increments. You have the time to do this and you are worth your “me time.”

Personalized yoga sessions are beneficial for

  • those who are curious about yoga but not sure where to begin
  • practitioners with injuries or conditions that require individualized attention
  • practitioners looking to design a sustainable home practice

Together, we will explore how your unique body¬†moves and we’ll create a practice that suits you.

A minimum of five sessions is required.

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