New Schedule + A Memory

I wrote this a year ago. [pasted below from those Facebook memories] I remember the day. I had been walking around a city park with my dad. When I saw this tree I nearly dropped to my knees in awe. True rooted magnificence staring me in the face. The intent for classes today was to root deeply into steady energy and to recommit often. It sprung up and I felt my heart bloom–I had no idea what I’d say in class, no idea what the intent would be. The things that are most true, they stick around…you don’t have to look too hard, they find a way to find you.

With love as wild as the branches…or my hair in this humid California heat (never thought I’d say that lol),

New schedule:
Sundays 10:30 – 12:00 Santa Barbara Yoga Center
Wednesdays 6:30 – 7:30 pm Fitness with Rachel in Goleta
Fridays 8:45 – 9:45 am Fitness with Rachel
Saturdays 12:00 (flow) + 1:30 (yin) Evolation Yoga

Daily intent: root deeply inward. Part two: do so to connect to your essence and power.
Intention is a concept that alluded me for a long time. I still remember the day my first yoga teacher Kelly Melsted hosted a workshop on going through your yoga practice and life with intention. I did not attend. I didn’t get it. It wasn’t time for the concept to click in my bones. Sometimes I measure my growth through the concepts I really grasp in an embodied way. About a year ago probably, I felt the roots of intention spreading through my body–creating a beautiful sturdy home for themselves within. You see, intention and intent are not the most esoteric concepts, but to truly practice them requires some level of understanding, connectedness, and willingness. Because it’s very easy to begin your day or yoga practice (and I really believe your whole day is your yoga practice, but more on that later) with an intention, stick to it for a few moments, and then forget about it until an hr later. To really embody an intent and to really go through living with intention is a practice, and as such it must be practiced, regularly. If it’s not clicking for your like it hadn’t been for me for years, it may be helpful to think of intent/intention as how you want to feel. It can be how you want to feel in your body, how you want to feel about yourself, how you want to feel during and after a tough conversation with someone. Begin with digestible bites. Try asking yourself how you want to feel for the next hour or during an interaction and then intentionally pay attention for that hour. When you realize you’re not paying attention or you’re not feeling how you want to feel, pause and take one to three long slow deep breaths, then try again. Repeat for as many times as it’s necessary. Do not beat yourself up for having forgotten your intent. It will not help you. Not even a little bit. During and after the hour, write down anything you notice. Including noticing that it’s hard to feel anything. Let me know how it goes. Comment below or msg me. When we share about our experiences we can illuminate realizations for others. So share below.

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