Every Other Moment, Bare It All

“I saw a woman
she took a letter
from her case
and as she read it
she began to cry”
– from See You There by Emily King
Bare your soul
Bare it open
For all to see
Because there’s nothing in there that is shame-worthy
There’s nothing in there that isn’t precious
There’s nothing in there that isn’t in all of us too
So when we turn away or scowl
It’s just because we see, we See our abandoned parts in what you so bravely share
Give us more, we need more of that medicine
Show us what it’s like to be scared, hurt, abandoned, and held down
Show us what it’s like to be angry and helpless
Because when you show us that you also show us what real hope and tenacity look like
You show us Heart. You show us Faith.
You show us what we’re afraid of.
And we need it modeled for us, because we can get so blinded to our own source of it.
So bare your soul
Bare it open
For all to see
Shame is just a construct created by the weak, by the ones who seek to hide and run away in fear
It won’t stand up to the power of your word, of your song, of your art.
Please bare it all, share your soul, and share it all.
The ones who also See with their soul will hold you
You’ll never walk alone, you’ll never weep alone, you’ll never have to figure it out alone
That too is a white man’s lie
There’s no virtue in doing it alone, there’s no hope, there’s no connection, no richness, no humanity there
To be human is to be Seen, is to be in community, in communion with everything around you, always.
So bare it all
That is the key to keep it all flowing through
That is how you simultaneously hold on to nothing and have so much
Please share your soul.
Sometimes a moment lights up a richness of emotions and thoughts and feelings and sensations. Just a moment. I met a sweet soul the other day who spoke with me about how special moments are. It’s all about the moment he said, the moment in the experience that defines the full expression of the experience. This evening’s musing sprung up upon hearing those first lines of that song. Just a moment. I’m sure the energy behind those lines mashed themselves up with what was already lingering underneath the surface, ready to be used in the recipe of the end result. That’s how things tend to happen; what’s ready to burst open or bloom will always find a way to do so, even when we don’t think we’re ready for it. And there’ll never be just one source you can trace it to. It’s the beauty of being human. We’re like messy pomegranates bursting open, spilling our bright red juice everywhere, staining the white countertop, staining our ideas about who and what we are.

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