Yoga-Bodywork sessions are offered in an intuitive and co-exploratory fashion. This is not your traditional massage therapy session. These sessions are a constant conversation with the stories and traumas stored in your body, so we may work together to help you release deeply held tension, improve mobility, reduce pain, and create space for you to access your body more intimately.

While bodywork for any area of your body is offered, I specialize in jaw, neck, shoulder, and psoas work. These areas of the body tend to be most commonly energetically charged for individuals who’ve experienced trauma. However, they are also parts of the body that are keys to unraveling a host of other body aches and compensatory movement patterns.

All bodywork sessions involve a degree of energy work. To schedule a session or seek more information, send me an email ( )

What to expect

At the beginning of a session, we spend some time discussing your current pain and restriction areas, including exploring what movement makes your symptoms better or worse. We’ll go through some muscle tests, some bodywork, and then return to testing the area we’re working with. Then we return to intuitive bodywork where you’re simply asked to bring your attention and your deep breath to your body. Sessions occur on a dense cushion on the floor.

What to wear

Wear loose and comfortable clothing that you may move around in. *There is skin-to-skin contact, i.e. my hands around your neck, head, shoulder, and belly areas, but undergarments¬†are not removed during sessions, so choose ones that you’re most comfortable in.