accountable, daily.

And if you finally started to hold yourself accountable, what would happen?
Would you drift off over the edge of the sea, ashamed that you’ve fallen through on your word so many times before?
Would you be so ashamed when you saw your own reflection in the calm undertow that you’d miss the still innocent and earnest heart waiting for you to feed it?

Aren’t the promises you make to your heart just as important as the ones you so eagerly give to others?
Let the fog envelop your doubts child and just try. Show up and try. every morning, like the seagulls that reliably fly in round’ 7:35 at the break of each new day. show up and try, perhaps one day you’ll fly. and if you never take off soaring, so what? For isn’t a life adorned with wholehearted attempts precious still?

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