Hi there.
If we haven’t yet met, here’s some info about me.

Mostly, I help people face themselves, honestly and with a side of sweetness. I weave my experiences from the yoga mat, Depth Psychology, somatic practice, meditation, and creative exploration to offer a space for genuine self-reflection. In our work together you can expect to gain tangible insight into your own complexity, knowledge of practical tools you can play with to support your development, and experience body resonating moments that heal what is ready to shift.

My curiosity has opened up many doors to study with yoga teachers, anatomy specialists, bodyworkers, energy healers, and somatic therapists. I’ve been particularly fortunate to study with Tara BrachAna Forrest, Jambo Truong, Brian CampbellAbby Dobbs and Ellen Heed–Meditation and Forrest yoga healers and teachers who continually support my journey and graciously answer my many questions. Time spent in nature and my own healing journey, whether with IBS, depression, anxiety, or PTSD have been some of the most potent teachers. In that work, I have learned how to delve deep without free falling, how to anchor yet fly, how to inquire specifically yet remain open to the answers. Through my work with clients and my graduate studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute, I continue to develop a multi-disciplinary approach to processing complex trauma and anxiety.

If you are interested in working together, have questions about Forrest Yoga, or somatic trauma processing, send me an email: maddybortes@icloud.com